Beginner & Intermediate Level Competition





Alycia is a former CrossFit gym owner with an eternal entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to help ‘non-athletes’ and newer athletes tap into their potential.

A former non-athlete herself, it wasn’t until finding CrossFit that she felt physically capable and confident. Her first few competitions were integral in igniting the competitive fire inside her and helped her focus on improvement and progress in her own training.

10 years after starting CrossFit, she started Rookie Rumble, LLC to help bring the magic of the ‘first competition’ to other gyms along the East Coast and potentially across the country. She is excited to see where Rookie Rumble can spread to, and how it can help thousands of other ‘new athletes’ realize their physical abilities.


Rookie Rumble Competitions are designed with the newbie athlete in mind. These athletes understand the basic movements and is still learning and growing in the sport.

Each event features multiple competitions with the same workouts, hosted a various locations, for your convenience.

The emphasis is on FUN and the environment has high energy and low intimidation. All of the athletes are on the same level, and are there to push themselves to the best of their ability and to exceed their goals.

Check out these upcoming events! Don’t see one near you? Email us your location and home gym and we’ll come to you!

I was nervous, but I’m proud of myself and so happy that I did it.
— Warren, Rookie Rumble Fall 2016
They did a great job of making me feel comfortable and excited to compete!
— Jennifer, Rookie Rumble Spring 2017




Competitions draw attention to your gym, improve your reputation among new athletes in the area, are a great source of added revenue, and are FUN!

As a gym owner, event planning, marketing, organization and event logistics might not be top of your list. Rather than add a job onto your already busy schedule, let US do the work for you!

We handle all event planning, ticket sales and marketing,, communication and social media posts.